Keonna Knight

Educator, Yoga + Mindfulness Instructor, M.Ed Candidate in Counselor Education, & Owner of Surreal Self-Care

Surreal Self-Care was founded in 2018 in Oakland, CA in order to

support educators and communities in tapping into their own sufficiency and connecting deeper to their highest commitments.

While Surreal Self-Care was created out of acknowledging a high need for self-care within school communities, it does not serve only individuals and communities working within the education field. The mission of Surreal Self-Care is to support any individual or community ready to recognize and address old stories and limiting beliefs, create visions and action plans based in creativity and sufficiency, and activate their personal power or power as a community to actualize those visions and action plans.

The name Surreal Self-Care was inspired by Surrealism, a movement founded in imagination and unlocking the unconscious mind. Our services are based on this same foundation. At Surreal Self-Care, we use deep dialogue, imagination, visualization, and appreciative inquiry to support individuals and communities in building authentic and purposeful self-care plans and community action plans. The diverse offerings of Surreal Self-Care allows space for many communities and individuals to explore the power of self-care and imaginative collaboration. 

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